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Have Bridget speak at your next event!

Are you looking for a speaker that is passionate about empowering Black youth? Do you want someone who is not afraid of causing a disruption in the norms, breaking down the stigma and stereotypes?  Are you looking to help your staff improve their skills and hold systems accountable for providing high quality, culturally competent services and education to Black youth? LOOK NO FURTHER!  Bridget D. Anderson, MSW, LCSW CEO- is a Master level clinician and entrepreneur who is dedicated to empowering and uplifting the voices of Black youth to share their experiences- good and bad. Bridget connects with caregivers to discuss and learn current issues that directly impact their family experiences and parenting practices. Bridget speaks on a wide range of topics including mental health in the Black community, racial trauma in schools and workforce, healthy relationships and boundary setting, etc. She brings ALL the facts to you STRAIGHT-NO CHASER!   Book Bridget for your next speaking event!

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